About Melabebe

Skincare for Melanin Rich Kids

What began as one mom’s goal of nurturing her baby’s sensitive skin is now the ideal plant-based product for melanin rich kids.

Our Story

Our Story

Parents want to protect their little ones including protecting their biggest organ--the skin.

During maternity leave, I created all-natural homemade skincare products for my newborn daughter. By using clean, plant based ingredients, I could guarantee what was being placed on her skin.

Her sensitive skin was soft, well hydrated, and never suffered from common ailments such as flakey dryness, eczema, or irritation.

While making products at home was fun, I had limited time on my hands after maternity leave ended and searched retail stores for an effective equivalent. I was disappointed and frustrated.

I became frustrated after seeing major retailers branded products for people of color as “for challenging", "issue prone", or "complex skin.” Many products were also filled with artificial ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and fillers and were not environmentally friendly. So, I decided to do something about it---and Melabebe was born!

Melabebe – so much goodness in a skincare line for melanin rich kids

Melabebe – so much goodness in a skincare line for melanin rich kids

We designed Melabebe for the health of your kid's skin from ages baby and beyond.
Our special formulation supports the needs of sensitive melanin rich skin that require a little more love and care.


  • Relatability
  • Get ready to soothe, nourish, and protect your kid’s beautiful skin