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What is Melanin Rich Skin?

Melanin (melanocytes) are the cells responsible for skin pigmentation. While all skin colors have some degree of melanin, people with melanin rich skin have higher concentration resulting in beautiful brown and black hues.

Melanin rich skin is biologically unique and requires special care.

Deep concentrations of melanin are often associated with higher UV protection but also requires more hydration and the daily use of skin care products that support hydration, skin protection, and support for common conditions such as hyperpigmentation, dryness, and scarring.  



Mainstream Beauty Has Ignored Melanin Rich Skin

Instead of addressing our unique needs, mainstream beauty labels our skin as problematic, challenging, and complex


Moms Of Melanin Rich Kids Often Mix & Match 2-3 Different Products To Get Desired Results 

84% of moms surveyed report using multiple products and brands in an attempt to achieve proper skin care for their children


Moms Deserve A Solution Made With Little Ones In Mind 

Melabebe offers a single skin care line inclusive of natural ingredients designed to protect, heal, and nurture melanin rich skin


Gone are the days of combining 2 or 3 different products to get the hydration and protection your little one needs.

Try our All-in-One Deep Hydration Crème now!

Why Melabebe?

The Melabebe Brand Difference

  • High hydration content
  • Natural and non-toxic ingredients
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Convenient All-In-One Products
  • Use of Skin Positive Language
  • Safe for baby and beyond!

Active Ingredients

Shea Butter
Aloe Vera
Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E
Safflower Oil

What you can expect

Long lasting hydration
All natural scents
Balance of hydrating and oil sealing ingredients
All-in-One product for easy application
Safe for ages baby and beyond 

Our Customers Love Melabebe


Mom to Kofi

Kofi’s skin has changed over the past 10 months and requires extra hydration at times. Prior to finding Melabebe, Allison had yet to find a single product that she loved and resulted to mixing and matching several different products. Allison found this to be a hassle and time-consuming.

Why Alison Loves Melbaebe:

Clean and natural products to keep her baby healthy

Offers a single product for the busy working mom

Provides protection for his new baby skin


Foster Mother

For the past 8 years, Celine has been a foster mother to more than 10 children. Many of her children have multi-racial backgrounds and various skincare needs.

Celine is often frustrated by the lack of products for different skin types and cultural backgrounds. She also is disappointed by the language used by most major skincare brands that label non-white skin as “problematic, difficult, or issue-proned.”

Why Celine Loves Melabebe:

Supports inclusive products for children of all ethnic backgrounds in her home.

Educates her about the unique skin needs of different ethic groups

Gives her confidence as a parent 


Father to Madison & Maya

Although Madison and Maya are twins, they have completely different skin types. Madison has suffered with eczema since being a newborn; while, Maya's skin is sensitive and breaks out frequently.

Eric has tried over 15 different brands searching for products that his family can use together. Eric often is overwhelmed by the number of options available and simply wants a skincare line that address the needs of BOTH Madison and Maya

Why Eric Loves Melabebe:

Melabebe's  rich crèmes support both eczema flare-ups and day-to-day hydration needs

Both Madison and Maya love Melabebe and do not feel singled out based on their unique skincare needs

The girls can use Melabebe year-round especially in dry climates! 

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