Melabebe Moisture Care Bundle Box
  • What's Ashy Skin ?

    Learn more about term "ashy skin" and how to manage dry skin and other related conditions no matter the hue or shade of your kiddo!

  • Skin Care for Blended Families

    Are you a parent or caregiver to a child with skin different from your own? Learn more about the basics of inclusive moisture care and why effective care is more than skin deep.

  • How Do I Care for Newborn Skin?

    Congratulations on the new addition in your world! Caring for newborn skin requires more attention than you may realize. Learn more about the essentials of newborn skincare, bathing routines, and more!

  • Why is Plant-Based Skincare Important?

    Plant-based skincare offers families comfort in knowing that their selections are ideal for all ages and the environment too! Learn more about plant-based products, the importance of non-toxic ingredients, and how to safely apply any new product.

About Us

Melabebe was founded by Kelli, a mom frustrated with the lack of effective, inclusive, and moisture rich skincare products accessible to the whole family.

At Melabebe, skincare is more than skin deep. It is biological, physical, & cultural. Our premium, yet clean formulas, ensure that moisture matters most. Our ingredients have been used for generations by my family and now we share our pride with you and yours. 

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