what makes melabebe unique?

Melabebe offers children of color a product line that that sees their unique skincare as beneficial, not burdensome

  • 1st clean-positive skin care line designed solely for the needs of melanin rich children
  • Focus on promoting positive messages to uplift and reaffirm kids at all stages of their childhood
  • erve niche market traditionally underserved by mainstream beauty industry

Our Story


Motherhood is the "Mother" of Invention

When my daughter was born in 2018, I developed a slight obsession with concocting homemade remedies to treat her delicate skin. When maternity leave ended, I no longer had the time to create my all-natural homemade products & when I went to find alternatives at big-box stores, I was disappointed---so many skincare products for children are filled with unnatural, harmful products that are impossible to pronounce and do not cater to the specific needs of melanin-rich skin.


I Quickly Realized Mainstream Skincare Products Underserve Children of Color

I found myself mixing and matching lotions, balms, sealants, humectants, oils, water, butters, and everything else just to partially get the results I desired. I could not find a single product that met my wishes!

More concerning was that many products used buzz words and terminology that did not resonate with me like: “Problematic, Dry, Issue-proned & Challenging”

Mainstream beauty products subconsciously and inaccurately indicated that something was wrong with my daughter’s skin?!?


Other Moms Felt My Pain Too

After speaking with other moms, I soon realized that I was not alone. Many moms, especially those with children of color, struggle to find a single product, let alone, a product line that was made for the uniqueness of their kid’s skin AND hearts.

They too struggle to find a range of products designed solely to meet the unique skin care needs of melanin rich children: sun protection, hydration, longevity, and resiliency from hyperpigmentation and easy scaring.


So, I am Fixing The Problem

Melabébe was created to remind kids that their beauty and hues from tan to onyx should be celebrated and adored

Melabébé is here to provide melanin rich kids with what they need to thrive and be their best selves: protection, healing, and nurturing.

skin care needs for children of color have gone unaddressed by mainstream beauty industry

Melabebe offers a solution to address the distinct skin care needs of Melanin rich children

  • Needs include: added hydration, protection from sun, and support for hyperpigmentation prone skin
  • Melanin rich skin love a greater concentration of hydrating and oil sealing products
  • Melanin rich skin is more prone to scaring and darkening after events such as a bug bite, scrape, or fall

Addresses the emotional relationship with skincare

  • Children/parents of color are marketed to as though their skin is burdensome; leads to negative relationship with skincare as skin is labeled as “dry, complex, rough, problematic…”

Offers a single, non-clinical, skin care line that serves the unique diversity of melanin rich skin

follow our journey

I look forward to having you along for this journey as I embark on a mission to make motherhood and entrepreneurship work while providing the best skincare for melanin-rich kids across the globe!