About Melabebe

Motherhood is the mother of invention…

As a brand-new mom, I envisioned motherhood to be seamless. And then…reality hit!

During late-night feedings and probably googling “can one die from sleep deprivation” [the answer is actually yes…], I stumbled across an article regarding natural skincare recipes for kids. I gave it a shot and 8 weeks and 16 batches later, I felt it was the ONE thing I mastered as a new mom.

I loved making my own products. However, as my maternity leave ended, I no longer had the time. In search something similar, I visited a big-box stores seeking a SINGLE product with what I desired: 

  • natural ingredients
  • super hydration
  • long-lasting coverage to make my daughters skin “glow” for hours

    Mainstream beauty products miss the mark

    • 12 mainstream-brand products later, I found myself mixing and matching lotions, balms, sealants, humectants, oils, water, butters, and everything else just to partially get the results I desired. I could not find a single product that met my wishes!
    • More concerning was that many products used buzz words and terminology that did not resonate with me: 

    Problematic, Dry, Issue-proned & Challenging

    Mainstream beauty products subconsciously and inaccurately indicated that something was wrong with my daughter’s skin?!?


    I am not alone!

    After speaking with other moms, I soon realized that I was not alone. Many moms, especially those with children of color, struggle to find a single product, let alone, a product line that was made for the uniqueness of their kid’s skin AND hearts. They struggle to find a range of products designed solely to meet the unique skin care needs of melanin rich children: sun protection, hydration, longevity, and resiliency from hyperpigmentation and easy scaring.

    So I am doing something about it!

    Melabebe was created:

    • Out of my own frustration find a product line that resonated with me
    • To remind kids with melanin rich skin that their beauty and hues from tan to onyx should be celebrated and adored
    • For mom’s and caregivers who resort to taking matters into their own hands because the mainstream beauty industry underserves our children

    Melabebe is not about brining another product to the market. It is about celebrating the grit, resilience, and innovation that moms have whether we are leaders of our family, the boardroom, and everywhere else in between. 

    Melabebe is about giving our children what they need to thrive and be their best selves: protection, healing, and nurturing. I hope you enjoy. 

    Made with you and yours in mind,


    Mom and Founder